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an urgent call to re-terraform our cities back to their innate fertility and abundance

Due to the continuing global pandemic, Metro-Manila’s already acute Food In-security is escalating into a true Food Emergency. RE-TERRA 2021 is a national design competition urgently calling upon students and graduates of architecture, design, and planning to conceive of innovative, transformative, and downright ingenious proposals to re-terraform three expository sites in Pasig City back to their innate fertility and abundance.

RE-TERRA 2021 aspires for its winning proposals to serve as inspiration and prototypes for other metropolitan areas in The Philippines, thereby contributing to the eventual realization of localized Self-Sufficiency, establishment of lasting Food Security, and restoration of both pervasive and encompassing Urban Buffers.


Commensurate with the renowned fertility and singular abundance of their 7,641-island nation, RE-TERRA 2021 envisions a future where Filipinos can proudly thrive on the agricultural prowess of both their countrysides and even their largest, densest cities.


RE-TERRA 2021 seeks design ideas, strategies, and tactics for re-conceiving, then re-making, every means of food production, storage, preparation, and consumption into essential, integral components of every mode of the infrastructure and architecture of even the largest and densest metropolises in The Philippines.


First Place Winner: PHP 250,000

3 Finalist Winning Teams: PHP 50,000 each


4 Finalist winning teams will be announced on Feb. 20, 2021. Finalists will then be invited to publicly present their Competition Entries at the Final Round on Mar. 16, 2021 to determine the First Place winner. Subsequently, the First Place and three Finalist winning teams will be invited to present their Design Proposals to The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture and the Mayor of Pasig City for further assessment and potential realization.


Early Bird Registration   opens Oct. 23, 2020

Regular Registration   opens Nov. 11, 2020

FAQ Period Ends   Dec. 12, 2020

Registration Ends   Dec. 15, 2020

Submissions Due   Jan. 22, 2021 @ 11:59pm UTC +08:00 (Manila)

Announcement of 4 Finalists   Feb. 20, 2021

RE-TERRA 2021  Public Final Round   Mar. 16, 2021


RE-TERRA 2021 is open to Filipino nationals everywhere, so long as they are current students or recent graduates of architecture, design, and urban planning.

Submissions are welcome from either individuals or teams of up to 5 members. If submitting as a team, team members may include students and graduates from fields adjacent to architecture, design, and urban planning, such as engineering, environmental science, agriculture, landscape architecture, and interior design. However, the Team Captain must be a current student or recent graduate of architecture, design, and urban planning.

To register your team, please complete the Registration Form and upload the following documents for every member of your team.

For current students: Scanned copy of your Certificate of Enrollment issued by your college/university or Scanned copy of your college/university ID.

For recent graduates: Scanned copy of your diploma issued by your college/university.

Note: Registered and licensed architects or other professionals are not eligible to participate in RE-TERRA 2021.


Early Bird Registrations: Ended


Regular Registrations: Ended


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Change Log (01062021):
1. Appended final FAQs as found on Competitors’ Page.
2. Corrected typo in date on Competition Timeline.
RE-TERRA 2021 is organized by ARK Competitions, Inc.
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